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Fiat 124 Review

Basic "Fiats" were equipped with engines of 1.2 or 1.4 liters (60-80 l. s.), And on more expensive and sports modifications installed engines 1.6 (95 forces), 1.8 (128 forces) and 2 , 0 liter capacity 115 l. s.
Universal Fiat 124 Familiare, 1966–1974
It was the Fiat 124 that became the first model of the new Volga Automobile Plant - the serial production of the VAZ-2101 car was launched in 1970. The Italian car served as the basis not only for the Soviet Zhiguli, but also for several other cars from different countries. In 1968, the Seat 124 debuted in Spain, in 1970 the Korean plant Asia Motors began assembling cars, since 1971 Fiats began to be made in Turkey under the name Tofas Murat 124, and in 1985 already under the Seat's license the car reached India under the Premier brand.