Honda NSX Review

In the late 1980s, Honda decided to create a supercar that could compete on equal terms with similar cars from Italian and German manufacturers. The prototype Honda NS-X was first unveiled in February 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show, and in 1990 sales of the production Honda NSX coupe began in Japan. In 1991, the car entered the American market under the name Acura NSX.
The design of the coupe was traditional for cars of this class: the engine located in the base, rear-wheel drive. Due to the fact that the body of the car was made of aluminum, it was possible to achieve a low weight of the car - the curb weight of the coupe was 1.3–1.4 tons. The Honda NSX was driven by a three-liter V6 engine with a VTEC variable valve timing system. The highly accelerated engine could spin up to 8000 rpm, and its power reached 274 l. s. Transmissions - five-speed manual or four-speed automatic.
Coupe Honda NSX, 1990-2002