Honda S2000 Wallpaper

Honda S2000 Review

The two-seat roadster Honda S2000 began to be produced in Japan in 1999, the debut of this model was timed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the Honda brand. The two-seater had rear-wheel drive and multi-link front and rear suspension. But the most remarkable thing about the Honda S2000 is the engine: a two-liter four-cylinder "aspirated" with a variable valve timing and valve opening degree, it developed 240 l. s. (in the Japanese specification - 250 forces) and was able to spin up to almost 9000 rpm. Thus, a world record was set among serial motors - 120 forces from one liter of the working volume without pressurization. All cars were equipped with six-speed manual transmissions.
Roadster Honda S2000, 1999–2009
In 2004, the Honda S2000 was upgraded. Apart from the barely updated exterior, the changes also affected the chassis settings. Roadsters for the American market instead of the previous one received a new 2.2-liter engine with a capacity of 240 l. c., And since 2006, such a power unit began to be installed on the Japanese version of the car. Cars for Europe (Honda S2000 was supplied to the Russian market) continued to be equipped with only two-liter engines.