Jaguar C-X75 Wallpaper

Jaguar C-X75 Review

The premiere of the concept coupe Jaguar C-X75 took place in 2010 at the Paris Auto Show. The supercar, created in the year of the brand's 75th anniversary (as reflected in its name), was driven by four electric motors, the total power of which was 780 l. s. Besides these, the car also had two small gas turbines. The total cruising range of such an installation exceeded 900 km, and the maximum speed of the concept was more than 300 km / h.
In 2011, the company announced a limited edition C-X75. Under the hood, a 1.6-liter gasoline engine appeared, developing a power of 500 l. s. Two additional electric motors, one of which was located on the front axle, and the second between the transmission and the internal combustion engine, gave out 400 forces.