Jaguar E-Type Wallpaper

Jaguar E-Type Review

The two-seater coupe and roadster, produced at the Coventry plant, were equipped with a 3.8-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a four-stage "mechanics". The rated power of the power unit is 269 l. s., But the actual output was slightly lower. In 1964, the Jaguar E-Type began to install a 4.2-liter engine (the same 269 hp. 2), its body was lengthened by 23 cm. For such a coupe, a three-stage "automatic" was offered as an option.
Jaguar E-Type roadster of the first series, 1961-1967
The modernized machines of the so-called "second series" went on sale in 1969. The updated Jaguar E-Type received headlights without a streamlined "cap", a larger air intake in front for better engine cooling, an improved braking system and a redesigned interior. (Some of the innovations were introduced on the "first series" machines in the last years of production). For an additional fee, customers began to offer air conditioning and power steering. The engine is the same 4.2-liter "six".