Porsche Boxster Review

The compact roadster Porsche Boxster began to be produced in Stuttgart, Germany in 1996, and a year later its assembly began in Finland, at the Valmet company. The car had a mid-engined layout and rear-wheel drive, and its design was largely unified with the older model 911 (996 series) for reasons of cost savings for development and organization of production.
"Boxster" received a six-cylinder boxer 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 204 l. s. In 2000, the volume of the engine was increased to 2.7 liters, and its output increased to 220 forces. Then there was a version of the Porsche Boxster S with a 3.2-liter "boxer", developing 253 l. s. Gearboxes - mechanical (five-speed for the base roadster or six-speed for the "Eski") or five-speed "automatic".
In 2003, the model was modernized. Engine power increased to 229 and 261 l. s. for the Boxster and Boxster S versions respectively. The exhaust system and steering were modernized, and the rear window in the fabric folding roof was glass instead of plastic. There were also minor cosmetic changes to the design.